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RascomStar was created by 45 African countries with a shared vision to bring the economic and social benefits of telecommunications across Africa.

We have a pioneering culture centred on providing value to all customers by providing customized solutions, flexibility through our agile structure and a commitment to affordable and competitive prices.

Collaboration and partnering are central to everything we do. We offer turnkey solutions and fully managed services to telecom operators, facilitating the development of local ecosystems to support each initiative with all parties involved in delivering network extensions to rural areas. Our management resources and practical experience enable us to provide a fully integrated, end-to-end service, including planning, specification, organization, deployment, maintenance, and systems and management information.

Our mission comprises two intrinsic, yet interdependent components: commercial viability and social responsibility. RascomStar is committed to achieving economic viability and business growth through the deployment of sustainable and environmentally compatible telecommunication technologies, systems, and infrastructure, while also providing a fair, economic, and commercial return on investment for our operators, partners, shareholders, and others.

But our ultimate goal is to deploy sustainable, socially responsible connectivity services to the thousands of rural communities resident on the African continent. We believe that access to the global society can create jobs, self-empowerment(particularly for women), economic prosperity, access to markets, family wellbeing, education, and an improved quality of life-now and for future generations. This is why our mission determines every decision and action we undertake, with a single-minded objective of achieving these goals within the directives set by our shareholders.

RQ1R was successfully launched anddeployed into service in 2010, providing the first pan-African satellitewith coverage of the entire continentand off-shore islands with a single C-band and two Ku-band – North and South footprints.

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