We recognize the critical role that NGOs play in addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues. Our technology provides NGOs with reliable and secure communication capabilities to help support their operations in remote and challenging locations.

We have supported NGO’s in disaster relief, healthcare and education projects across Africa. With our high-speed data and voice services, NGOs can deliver critical services and support to those in need, even in the most challenging environments.

Case Study: Empowering Education with Seamless Connectivity

Challenge: An NGO, committed to enhancing education in Cameroon, faced a pivotal challenge – delivering reliable and secure internet connectivity to a school in a region with unstable power supply.

Solution: In response, RascomStar engineered a transformative solution that harnessed advanced technology to enable unfettered connectivity, revolutionizing the educational landscape.

Strategic Connectivity Fusion: RascomStar’s innovative prowess crystallized in the form of Internet VSAT service (Flexsat) coupled with secure Wi-Fi access. This dynamic fusion bridged the digital divide for the school in Cameroon.

Powering the Unpowered: Recognizing the erratic power supply, RascomStar introduced a strategic innovation – solar panels and batteries. These components formed an independent power ecosystem, fueling the VSAT, Wi-Fi, and local computer. This fortified the connectivity hub even during power outages.

Educational Empowerment: RascomStar’s commitment extended beyond connectivity. Equipping the school with a PC for the teacher and tablets for students exemplified their holistic approach to educational empowerment.

Revolutionizing Remote Learning: The introduction of tablets unlocked a new dimension of remote learning for pupils, facilitating interactive educational experiences beyond the classroom.

Empowering Education through Technology: The symbiotic convergence of Flexsat, secure Wi-Fi, solar-powered infrastructure, and educational devices reshaped the school’s environment. Through technology, RascomStar not only connected the school but also invigorated learning processes.

Operational Triumph Translated to Impact: The school’s transformation exemplified the synergy between advanced technology and education. RascomStar’s solution didn’t just address connectivity; it empowered the NGO’s mission to revolutionize education in Cameroon.

Conclusion: Shaping Education with Connectivity

RascomStar’s solution painted a transformative picture for the NGO’s education-centric mission in Cameroon. Beyond just connectivity, the integration of Flexsat, secure Wi-Fi, solar power, and educational devices highlighted the potential of technology to empower and uplift education. This case study is a testament to RascomStar’s commitment to connecting people and fostering progress.


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