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Broadband Internet & ISP’s

Our advanced satellite technology provides businesses with the bandwidth and coverage they need to deliver fast and reliable internet connectivity to their customers across Africa. With our global coverage and network redundancy, our satellite communication technology offers a reliable and resilient communication system, even in the most challenging environments.

Our satellite services also provide the flexibility to expand network capacity, supporting business growth and meeting the evolving needs of customers quickly and easily. We offer both C-band and Ku-band satellite services, with options for shared or dedicated bandwidth to suit a range of business needs.

Case Study: Pioneering Internet Access in Remote Mining Regions

Client: Regional Internet Service Provider (ISP) in South Libya

Challenge: In the vast and remote mining regions of South Libya and Northern Chad, a unique challenge presented itself. The local population, including small mining operations, craved internet access. However, these areas were so isolated that traditional connectivity infrastructure was absent.

Solution: This case study recounts how Rascomstar, in partnership with a regional ISP headquartered in Libya, embarked on an extraordinary mission. Their goal was to bring internet connectivity to these desolate locations, where the absence of roads, the harsh terrain, security concerns, and the lack of GSM coverage made the task seem insurmountable.

Connecting the Unreachable: Remote mines dotted these regions, disconnected from the digital world. However, the local ISP possessed a team of skilled technicians familiar with the area’s challenges. These technicians were tasked with transporting, installing, and maintaining Rascomstar’s VSAT kits. These kits comprised a 1.2m ku antenna, a BUC, an LNB, and an iDirect modem.

Overcoming Adversity: Accessing these mines was an expedition in itself. The absence of proper roads meant navigating through treacherous sand tracks. Technicians had to contend with the ever-present dangers, including the harsh desert environment and potential encounters with local groups. Moreover, the areas had no GSM coverage, adding an extra layer of complexity.

Local Heroes of Connectivity: Through their unparalleled local knowledge and technical expertise, these brave technicians defied the odds. They succeeded in delivering internet connectivity via VSAT to these remote mining outposts. Suddenly, the miners and inhabitants found themselves connected to the global web, able to communicate with their families, business partners worldwide, and explore the realms of social media. They transformed into global citizens, all thanks to the magic of connectivity.

Cash Collection in the Wilderness: With no banks or credit card facilities in these remote areas, the local technicians took on yet another role. They became collectors, gathering the monthly subscription fees in cash or through mobile money services.

Conclusion: Bridging the Digital Abyss

This case study narrates the remarkable journey of Rascomstar and its local ISP partner, pioneering connectivity in the most remote and challenging terrains. Through their joint efforts, they connected communities that were once isolated, transforming them into citizens of the digital world. Their unwavering commitment proves that connectivity knows no bounds, even in the most desolate corners of the earth.

Broadband Internet & ISP’s

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