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Using our services, we help businesses improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Meanwhile, Government customers can enhance their situational awareness and response capabilities with our high-speed data and voice services.

With our network, our satellite communication technology provides organizations with a reliable and resilient communication system, even in the event of natural disasters or other unforeseen events.

Case Study: Satellite Bandwidth Leasing for Enhanced Enterprise Connectivity

Problem: Enhancing Communication Across Borders

Client: A rapidly expanding multinational enterprise operating in Africa and Western Europe.

Challenge: The enterprise faced a complex dilemma: How to establish seamless and robust communication across its dispersed offices and facilities spanning multiple countries in Africa and Western Europe. Traditional terrestrial solutions fell short due to challenging terrain, varying regulations, and the need for uninterrupted connectivity.

Solution: Enter RascomStar’s Satellite Bandwidth Leasing – a game-changing answer to the client’s connectivity puzzle. With an established reputation for excellence, RascomStar’s offering addressed the unique challenges the enterprise was grappling with.

Strategically Positioned Satellite Coverage

RascomStar’s strategically positioned satellite at 2.9° East provided the ideal solution. The satellite’s coverage extended like a digital net over the expanse of Africa and Western Europe, promising unparalleled connectivity.

Meeting Varied Communication Needs

The enterprise required diverse communication channels, including audio and video conferencing, real-time data transmission, and secure file sharing. RascomStar’s extensive capacity, spanning standard C band, Insat-C, and 2 ku beams, ensured seamless communication flow, regardless of the communication type.

The Seamless Switch

Crossing the boundaries between C band and ku beams posed a challenge. RascomStar’s cross-trap transponders addressed this seamlessly, enabling uninterrupted back-and-forth transmission, eliminating communication bottlenecks.

Overcoming Interference Hurdles

Operating in environments plagued by interference was a concern. RascomStar’s standard C band operating above 3.9 GHz and the Insat-C band in the 4.5 to 4.8 GHz range eliminated the risk of GSM and local interference, providing an undisrupted communication channel.

Tailored Leasing Flexibility

Flexibility in leasing was crucial. RascomStar’s tailored leasing options, starting from a mere 0.5 MHz, ensured the enterprise had the right amount of bandwidth for its specific needs, be it occasional peak usage or steady daily demand.

Qualification through Excellence

RascomStar’s commitment to excellence was evident through its design qualification approach. The client’s concerns were eased through free trials, which showcased RascomStar’s capability and reliability.

Seamless Transformation

With RascomStar’s Satellite Bandwidth Leasing in place, the enterprise experienced a transformative journey. The once-challenging communication barriers were dismantled, replaced with a seamless flow of information across borders, regardless of the geographical challenges.

RascomStar’s Satellite Bandwidth Leasing showcased its strategic positioning, comprehensive coverage, and customer-centric support, enabling the enterprise to conquer communication barriers. With RascomStar as their partner, the enterprise unlocked its connectivity potential and embraced a new era of communication efficiency.

Enterprise & Government

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