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FlexSat (Internet VSAT)

FlexSat offers a cutting-edge Internet VSAT solution designed to cater to a diverse range of clientele including enterprises, NGOs, government entities, Oil & Gas companies, ISPs, educational institutions, hospitals, and more. With FlexSat, seamless connectivity to the Internet or corporate VPN is extended to every corner of Africa, utilizing both C and Ku bands for unmatched coverage.

Ground Equipment Solutions

Rascomstar goes beyond connectivity by providing a holistic service experience. Our FlexSat package includes a comprehensive selection of Ground Equipment, starting from 1.2 meters and expanding to fulfill specific requirements. This complete solution ensures not only robust connectivity but also empowers users with the tools they need to excel.

Key Features

Adjustable Contention: FlexSat offers adaptable contention options, ranging from dedicated connections to a 1:10 ratio, tailoring the experience to suit varying needs.
Guaranteed Throughput: Experience throughput of up to 200Mbps, without any volume limitations, empowering smooth data flow for your critical operations.
Bandwidth Flexibility: Choose between shared bandwidth or dedicated allocations for groups of remote sites, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
Managed Service: Our service runs around the clock, 24/7, guaranteeing the highest level of support for your connectivity needs.
Real-time Visibility: Gain live insights into your network’s performance, traffic utilization, and more, ensuring you stay in control of your connectivity experience.
High Availability: FlexSat ensures 99.5% availability, granting you the peace of mind that your connectivity remains steadfast even in challenging conditions.
IP Options: Enjoy the flexibility of opting for either private or public IPs, adapting the solution to your specific security and operational preferences.

Experience the future of connectivity with FlexSat – where the world comes together through seamless, reliable, and versatile VSAT solutions